Radviliškis District Municipality

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Radviliškis District Municipality is one of the seven municipalities of Šiauliai County (Šiaulių apskritis) in Lithuania. Radviliškis town has been its center since 1950.

Radviliškis district has 13 subdivisions or elderships (Seniūnija).

Radviliškis is known for its soft beverages, timber processing, furniture and machinery production industries, sewn and knitted men's and ladies' wear, and the biggest second-hand car market in Northern Lithuania. The district is famous for extracting peat also.

Agriculture is developed in the district because of the high fecundity of the soil. The main agriculture branches are cattle, pigs, sheep breeding, cereal, sugar beets, meat and milk production. The production rates for meat, milk, grain, and sugar beets are among the highest in Lithuania.

Farmers also grow currants and strawberries, breed turkeys and ostriches.

There are 50 educational institutions in Radviliškis District. There are two gymnasiums, five secondary schools, arts, music and sports schools, children's foster in Radviliškis town. Representatives of district's secondary schools develop their leadership skills at the School of Democracy and Social Practice “Ateitis”.

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