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"Buria" (Russian: "Буря", "Storm" or "Tempest"), or "Ptichka" (Russian: "Птичка"), is an official nickname for the second Buran-class spaceplane, produced as part of the Soviet/Russian Buran programme, and inscripted on the ship's hull. It carried the GRAU index serial number 11F35 K2 and is - depending on the source - also known as "OK-1K2", "Orbiter K2", "OK 1.02" or "Shuttle 1.02".

OK-1K2 is distinguishable from the other Buran-class orbiters by a red framework attached to the top of its cargo bay doors.

Construction of the second orbiter started in 1988, and although OK-1K2 was closest to being completed of any of the Buran-class orbiters (after the OK-1K1 orbiter), it was never finished. The program was officially canceled in 1993, at which point the shuttle was 95-97% complete.

Projected flights as of 1989:

Changed in 1991:

OK-1K2 is believed to be currently the property of Kazakhstan-Russia Joint Venture Company Aelita, a subsidiary of RKK Energia, but there is no reliable information nowadays. It is stored in the MZK building at Baikonur Cosmodrome together with its full mass-size layout. Location: 45°56′25.6″N 63°19′6.3″E / 45.940444°N 63.318417°E / 45.940444; 63.318417.

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