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The Provisional Government of Saskatchewan was an independent state declared during the North-West Rebellion of 1885 in the District of Saskatchewan of the Northwest Territories. It included parts of the present-day Canadian provinces of Alberta. Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The name was given by Louis Riel. Although Riel initially hoped to rally the Countryborn, Cree and European settlers of the Saskatchewan Valley to his banner, this did not occur. The government, with the exception of Honoré Jaxon and Chief White Cap, had an entirely French-speaking and Métis leadership. Gabriel Dumont was proclaimed Adjutant General in which capacity he became supreme military commander, although Riel could, and did, override his tactical decisions. The Provisional Government was declared by Riel on March 19, 1885.[1] It ceased to exist following the defeat of the Métis militarily during the Battle of Batoche which concluded on May 20, 1885. During its existence the government only exercised authority over the Southbranch Settlements along the South Saskatchewan River. Other major centres in the area such as Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and most First Nations reserves remained outside of its control.

The governing council was named the Exovedate, Latin for "of the flock", and debated issues ranging from military policy to local bylaws and theological issues. It met at Batoche, Saskatchewan, and only exercised real authority during its existence over the Southbranch Settlement.

The provisional government collapsed with the fall of Batoche (see Battle of Batoche) and Riel was captured a few days later. Gabriel Dumont escaped to Montana.

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