Pietro Bellotti

Pietro Bellotti (1625–1700) was an Italian painter active in the Baroque period.

He was born in Volciano di Salò in 1627 (1625 according to Orlandi), he gained fame as a painter of portraits and heads of characters. He was a pupil of Girolamo Forabosco in Venice. According to Orlandi he worked for Cardinal Mazzarino, Cardinal Ottoboni (the future Pope Alexander VIII), for the elector of Bavaria and others. He was patronized by Pope Alexander VIII and by the Duke of Uceda. In Mantova he was "superintendent of the city and villa galleries"for Gorizaga. After wandering from court to court he returned to Lake Garda and died in poverty in Gargnano in 1700.

His principal works are:

He shares the same name with the younger brother of Bernardo Bellotto, a Venetian vedute painter, nephew of Canaletto. This Pietro was born March 22, 1725 in Venice, and after collaborating with the two painters above, moved to Toulouse, France, where he was active in the local Royal academy, as well as in Nantes (1755,1768), Besançon (1761), Lille (1778-1779), and Paris. In France, he was referred, by a number of names, including le Sieur Canalety and Pietro Bellotti di Caneletty. He is also referred as Belloti, Belloty, Beloty, or Bellottit. He died around 1805.

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