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Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is located at 417 Third Ave. in Albany, Georgia.

The health system is a network of hospitals, family medicine clinics, rehab facilities, auxiliary services, and medical education training facilities. The flagship hospital Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is a 691-bed teaching hospital and a regional center for cancer and cardiac medicine. The Phoebe Cancer Center is one of the busiest and most advanced in the Southeast. The Phoebe Heart Center performs open-heart and cardiac catheterization procedures. Phoebe is one of six designated perinatal centers in the state of Georgia and is the regions provider of neonatal intensive care, cardiovascular surgery and radiation oncology services. The hospital also offers medical-surgical care, emergency treatment, obstetrics, pediatrics, wound care, a women's health center and more.

In 1910, Judge Francis Flagg Putney donated $25,000 to the Ladies Hospital Aid Society of Albany to establish a hospital to serve the citizens of Southwest Georgia. Judge Putney’s endowment came with three provisions:

The hospital officially opened its doors to patients on August 1, 1911.

The hospital was at the centre of a criminal case in 1986 after a GBI investigation following an unusually high percentage of cardiac arrests. Nurse Terri Rachals was indicted on twenty counts of aggravated assault, and convicted on one count as "guilty but mentally ill" of aggravated assault with intent to murder. Potassium chloride was injected into a bag of frozen plasma which was then introduced to a patient's body.

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