Philip de Jersey

Philip de Jersey is a Guernsey archaeologist and numismatist. He is known as an expert on Celtic coins of the Iron Age.

De Jersey was born in Guernsey, and studied Geography at Hertford College, University of Oxford. After graduating he stayed on at Oxford University to study for a doctorate on the late Iron Age in north-west France.

From 1992 to 2008 de Jersey was employed as keeper of the Oxford University Celtic Coin Index, and was responsible for the computerisation of the index. During his time in charge of the Celtic Coin Index the number of coins included on the database increased from about 14,000 to about 40,000.

De Jersey is an Honorary Research Fellow of the Heberden Coin Room at the Ashmolean Museum, and in 1999 was awarded the Council Prize of the British Numismatic Society.

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