Pharae, otherwise known as Phara, was a town, situated by the Peiros River, approximately 11 kilometres from the sea and 23.5 kilometres from the town of Patrae. It was one of the twelve Achaean cities, and one of the four major cities which spearheaded the restoration of the Achaean League in 280 BC.

In an event called the Social War (220–217 BC), it suffered from various setbacks caused by the attacks of the Aetolians and Eleans. Its territory was annexed by Augustus, and after the Battle of Actium, it was made a colony of Rome.

Pharae still contains a large agora with a statue of Hermes.[1] The modern village Fares was named after Pharae.

Coordinates: 37°01′42″N 22°07′46″E / 37.0283°N 22.1294°E / 37.0283; 22.1294

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