Paradise Film Entertainment

Paradise Film Entertainment was founded in 2002, starting with DVD distribution and, soon after, launching their own film labels such as: Paradise Film, Paraphilia, Paranoid, Studio Pervers and Fuck Brothers. The company is well known for productions that span all different genres of porn.

Paradise Film Entertainment enjoyed a lot of attention with their Big Brother reality TV persiflage: Fuck Brothers. In January 2010, Callboy Klaus (aka Mike the Machine), the leading actor of the Fuck Brother movies, moved into the German Big Brother house. On the Paradise Film label, productions like Ass Drippers, by director Greg Centauro, have been made. Paradise film won the 2009 Erotixxx Award for Best German Film. In 2010, the company expanded their range of products with new feature movies, new directors and licensing deals with Combat Zone, Smash Pictures, and Justin Slayer.

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