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Royal Papworth Hospital is located in Cambridgeshire

Royal Papworth Hospital is a heart and lung hospital, located in Papworth Everard in Cambridgeshire, England (though it is scheduled to move to a new site at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in 2018). It was home to the first successful heart transplant in the UK, the world's first successful heart, lung and liver transplant,[1] and one of the world's first non-beating-heart transplants.[2] Papworth Hospital is due to move to new premises on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in late 2018.[3][4][5][6]

Papworth Hospital was founded in 1918 as a sanitorium for the treatment of tuberculosis among discharged soldiers who had served in the First World War, following a campaign led by Elsbeth Dimsdale, and was initially known as the “Cambridgeshire Tuberculosis Colony”.[7] The institution was initially under the direction of Dr (later Sir) Pendrill Varrier-Jones.[8][9][10] From the 1950s, surgical facilities developed, beginning with thoracic (chest/lung) surgery and expanding to cardiac surgery. Surgeon Ben Milstein performed the first open-heart surgery at Papworth Hospital in September 1958.[11][12]

In August 1979, surgeon Terence English performed the first successful heart transplant in the UK at Papworth Hospital. The patient, Keith Castle, lived for over five years following his surgery.[13] In August 1994 a team of doctors carried out a revolutionary operation when 62-year-old Arthur Cornhill was given the world's first permanent battery-operated heart.[14]

In December 2013 it was announced that the hospital would move to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus next to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. Implementation of the scheme was temporarily delayed,[15] following an intervention by HM Treasury, while the Trust investigated an alternative proposal of moving to the Peterborough City Hospital site, a concept to which there was considerable opposition given the financial problems at that hospital.[16] In March 2015, the hospital announced that its move to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus was being procured under a private finance initiative contract.[17] The construction works, which are being carried out by Skanska at a cost of £165 million, started immediately.[3] They are expected to be complete, following some rectification to the cladding, in late 2018.[18]

In May 2014, a new CT Scanner was unveiled at the hospital by its royal patron, the Duchess of Gloucester.[19] In September 2017, Papworth Hospital was granted the designation “royal” by the Queen and so became Royal Papworth Hospital in January 2018.[20]

Fundraising is also taking place for a Heart and Lung Research Institute, a joint venture between Papworth Hospital and the University of Cambridge, to be built on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus adjacent to the new hospital.[21]

The Papworth site has two main building complexes: the main building (providing cardiology and all surgical services, together with the intensive care unit) and the Chest Medical Unit (providing respiratory medicine services). Sub-specialities include:[22]

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