Papa (2012 South Korean film)

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Papa (Hangul파파; RRPapa) is a 2012 South Korean comedy-drama film written and directed by Han Ji-seung. Park Yong-woo stars as a talent manager who persuades his step-daughter from a contract marriage, played by Go Ara, to audition for a reality TV show in the United States.

Go Ara was nominated for Best New Actress at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards, the 21st Buil Film Awards, and the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2012.

Choon-sub (Park Yong-woo) is a talent manager from South Korea who flies to America to chase after his client who ran away with another manager. He soon learns that she is with child and would be unable to pursue her career. To avoid returning to Korea and face his boss, he gets a residency permit through a contract marriage with a Korean-American woman. When his wife dies in a car accident, he is left with her 6 children, all of different races, from her previous marriages. He discovers that the eldest daughter, June (Go Ara), is a talented singer and dancer. Now in need of money, he convinces her to take part in a reality TV show contest. Because the children need Choon-sub to keep the family together and not be relocated to different homes, June agrees.

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