Lotuko language

Lotuko (Lotuxo), also known as Otuho, is the language of the Lotuko people of Eastern Equatoria, an area in South Sudan. It is an Eastern Nilotic language, and has several dialects.

The Otuho-speaking people are bordered by the Lokoro in the North, Bari on the West, the Acholi and the Madi in the South, the Didinga and the Boya in the East. The Otuho-Speaking region is characterized by ranges and mountains spurs such as the Imotong mountain which is the highest with an altitude of 10,453 ft above sea level. It is also the highest mountain in the whole of Sudan.

The region is divided into 5 major regions namely: Imatong, Valley, Dongotolo, Lopit, and the Great Plains regions.

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