Oasis Academy Lord's Hill

Oasis Academy Lord's Hill is an Academy situated in the city of Southampton, Hampshire and specialises in Arts. Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill replaced Millbrook Community School and Oaklands Community School which both closed in August 2008. The Academy opened in September 2008 in the existing buildings on the two sites of the predecessor schools, then moved to a new building in 2012.

It is run by Oasis Community Learning (a foundation established by the Oasis Trust). The Academy building is, to quote the head of the Oasis group, Steve Chalke; 'The best school building in Great Britain' costing over £16 million, with features such as; radio facilities, a recording studio, TV studio, Apple Mac suites, a theatre, astro turf, MUGA and many more.

The Academy caters for approximately 950 students in the 11-16 age range.

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