Oaks Creek

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Oaks Creek drains Canadarago Lake, which is situated in the north central region of Otsego County, New York. The creek begins by the hamlet of Schuyler Lake and flows southeast approximately 9.32 miles before converging with the Susquehanna River south of Cooperstown, by Index. From the source to Oaksville the creek flows along Panther Mountain. Fly Creek is a main tributary, that converges with Oaks Creek south of the hamlet of Fly Creek.

In 1779 it was referred to as "O-at'-tis" as the Iroquois name.

David Shipman , the "Leatherstocking" and "Deerslayer" of James Fenimore Cooper’s novels, was a resident of Town of Otsego living in a log cabin on the east bank of Oaks Creek.

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