O3 A Trilogy

O3 A Trilogy is a studio album series by Dominici, released between 2005 and 2008. It is a concept album trilogy about a terrorist sleeper cell coming to the United States and falling in love with the country. The individual's assignment is not discussed in any depth. It can be assumed that he is to destroy the First World (possibly the entire world) as evidenced by various lines throughout multiple songs, but he starts to have second thoughts, and is swayed to the other side by none other than the police officer who catches him. O3 A Trilogy constitutes the only albums currently produced by Dominici. Lead vocalist Charlie Dominici has stated that while the band will continue to record, he shows no interest in making more concept albums.

The first album in the trilogy is essentially a solo album as Charlie Dominici is the only performer, playing the acoustic guitar, harmonica, and singing. Therefore, most people would not consider this a progressive metal recording, as the second album would display. Charlie Dominici's only contribution to the performance of the second and third albums, besides writing the songs and story, was on vocals. For the rest of the trilogy, Brian Maillard plays guitar, Yan Maillard plays drums, Riccardo Atzeni plays bass guitar, and Americo Rigoldi plays keyboard.

All lyrics written by Dominici. All music written by Dominici, B. Maillard and Y. Maillard; except Part One, all music by Dominici.

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