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The Nuova Famiglia (Italian: "New Family") was an Italian Camorra criminal organization affiliated with the Sicilian Mafia created in the 1980s to face Raffaele Cutolo's Nuova Camorra Organizzata.

The organization included: Michele Zaza (a Camorra boss with strong ties with Cosa Nostra), the Gionta clan (from Torre Annunziata), the Nuvoletta clan from Marano, Antonio Bardellino from San Cipriano d'Aversa and Casal di Principe, the Alfieri clan of Saviano led by Carmine Alfieri, the Fabbrocino clan of Nola led by Mario Fabbrocino, the Galasso clan of Poggiomarino (led by Pasquale Galasso), Umberto Ammaturo, the Giuliano clan from Naples' quarter Forcella and the Vollaro clan from Portici. Initially the reins of powers were held by the Nuvoletta brothers, but in the late 1980s they were supplanted by Antonio Bardellino.

The war that ensued between the Nuova Camorra Organizzata and the Nuova Famiglia caused a huge number of victims. This caused in turn a greater attention from the Italian police organizations, pushing Cosa Nostra to accommodate an agreement between the two warring clans, hopefully favouring the Nuova Famiglia, which included a lot of former allies. Leoluca Bagarella, Bernardo Provenzano and Totò Riina repeatedly tried to eliminate Cutolo. In the late 1980s the latter's NCO was finally defeated, but soon a war broke out within the Nuova Famiglia between Nuvoletta and Bardellino, the former supported by the Corleonesi, the latter by the Scappati, such as Tommaso Buscetta and others.

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