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Nik & Jay is a Danish hip-hop/pop duo made of Niclas Genckel Petersen (born 8 November 1980 in Herlev) and Jannik Brandt Thomsen (born 16 June 1981).

Their #2 single Hot! won them Hit of the Year and Best New Artist at the Danish Music Awards in 2003. Other hits have included En Dag Tilbage (One Day Left), Lækker (Hot), Kan Du Høre Hende Synge? (Can you hear her sing?) and Boing!.

They released a CD and DVD of their concert tour from 2003.

The single "Boing!" and the album, 3: Fresh - Fri - Fly have given them even more success and a bigger variety of ages among the fans.

Nik and Jay played football together in Værløse, Denmark during their youth. Nik sang in a punk band and rollerbladed while Jay was a prominent skateboarder. They began to party together then eventually began to produce music.

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