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Nexor Limited is a privately held company based in Nottingham, providing product and services to safeguard government, defence and critical national infrastructure computer systems. It was originally known as X-Tel Services Limited.

Nexor Limited was founded in 1989 as X-Tel Services Limited out of the University of Nottingham and UCL, following research into X.400 and X.500 systems for the ISODE project. In 1992 Stephen Kingan joined the business as CEO. In 1993 X-Tel Services Limited was renamed Nexor Limited. In 1996 3i invested in the business to launch Nexor Inc. In 2004 Kingan and Nigel Fasey acquired the business. In 2008 Colin Robbins was appointed to the board as CTO. In 2012 Kingan acquired 100% ownership of Nexor. October 2013, the company moved headquarters from Nottingham Science Park to the NG2 Business Park.

Nexor customers include NATO, European Defence Agency, UK MoD, US DOD, Canadian DND, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Met Office. Nexor designed and deployed the first public Internet search engine ALIWEB and the associated robots exclusion standard. Nexor is a contributor to the Internet Engineering Task Force, having worked on Internet RFCs 1086, 1165, 1488, 1606 and 1778. Nexor developed a Microsoft Exchange Client for Unix. Nexor was the first organisation to be awarded the Intellect Best Practice Certificate. Nexor has run regular demonstrations at the Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration. Nexor the first organisation to achieve TickItPlus a quality-management certification program for software development. Nexor have strategic partnerships with Boldon James and QinetiQ. Nexor's Data Diode product is supplied via an OEM relationship with Fox-IT. Nexor is a supplier on the UK Government G-Cloud Cloudstore, and an Official cyber security supplier to the UK Government. Nexor won 2013 DSEi innovation challenge.

Nexor is a contributor to Cyber Champions a community initiative to promote best practices in digital literacy and online safety awareness to schools, youth organisations and interest groups across the UK. Nexor sponsor the Cyber Security Challenge designed to promote careers in cyber security. Nexor was in the first batch of companies to achieve the UK’s Cyber Essential standard and a contributor and industry launch partner to the PAS754 software development standard led by the Trustworthy Software Initiative. In 2015 Nexor launched a consulting arm - Qonex

Nexor is primarily focused on Secure Information Exchange for defence, governments and critical infrastructure.

Products and services include:

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