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Nepal was an Argentine thrash metal band from Buenos Aires, originally assembled in 1984.

Nepal was formed in 1985 by Beto Vázquez and Javier Bagala. Later on Claudio "Larry" Zavala joined. The band participated in some metal festivals performing a new music style called "Power Black Metal".

In July 1988, Nepal recorded their first demo at Cosmos Studios "Aquellos Bastardos". It was released as cassette, in a split with the band Dr. Jekyll. The demo reached number one in Argentine charts for the category "Most Important National Demos". With this, they obtained more publicity in radios and magazines.

In June 1989 they recorded their second demo "Nepal II", again at "Cosmos Studios" with a better sound quality and production. They participated in some concerts at Cemento, Arlequines theater and Larrañaga theater. By the end of 1991, they had changed their line-up. They recorded the song "La Señal del Metal" to be released in a split-album with other local bands.

In April 1990 the band recorded the song "Represor" (at "Sonovision" studios in Buenos Aires with the help of Alejandro Devetak) to be include in the compilation "Thrash Vol.1", edited by "Radio Tripoli" label. The band re-released the demo "Nepal II" with a live track, "Te Destruiré", in side B. This edition sold 1000 copies.

In January 1992 Dario Galvan joined the band, and they started to compose new material for an album. In November, they released their début album "Raza de Traidores" under "Metal Command Records" in cassette format. It was recorded and mixed between May and August in "TMA La Escuelita" studios. They played an album release gig at Buenos Aires and opened for the German band Kreator. The Uruguayan label Heavy Weigh Records released a South American compilation including Nepal's song "Represor". They first show in a foreign country was at Brazil (Timbo) at the Mountain Rock Festival with the band Syndrome in April 1995.

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