Mount Pleasant (Upper Marlboro, Maryland)

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Mount Pleasant (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) is located in Maryland
Mount Pleasant is ​2 12-story brick structure with a gambrel roof and is about two-thirds its original length. It is located near Upper Marlboro in Prince George's County, Maryland. Mount Pleasant was patented in 1697 to Richard Marsham, whose wife Anne was the daughter of Leonard Calvert, Governor of Maryland. Their grandson, Marsham Waring, inherited the home from his grandfather in 1713. His son, Richard Marsham Waring had a son, John, born in 1737 who inherited Mount Pleasant, and c. 1750, built the standing house. He died in 1813 and was buried at Mount Pleasant.[2]

Mount Pleasant is an example of an almost distinctively Maryland style of house—the English gambrel roof dwelling in brick, with the steep gambrel which has dormers almost flush with the second pitch of the roof. This house is significant primarily for its architecture and as a representative example of a more modest type of mid-Georgian dwelling than others in Maryland such as Montpelier, and probably a closer reflection of the architectural ancestry than the Palladian country house. As a more modest dwelling Mount Pleasant is an unusual survivor.[2]

Thomas Fielder Bowie is interred in the Waring family burial ground on this site.[3]

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