Mofa Ha'arnavot Shel Dr. Kasper

1991-1996 2004 (reunion)

Mofa Ha'arnavot Shel Dr. Kasper (translation: Dr. Casper’s Rabbit Show, Hebrew: מופע הארנבות של ד"ר קספר) is an Israeli rock band active since 1991. It was part of a group of Israeli rock bands that began performing in the early 1990s and included Knesiyat Hasekhel (Church of Common Sense) and Ziknei Tzfat (Elders of Safad). Their musical style was upbeat grunge funky rock, influenced by bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Rolling Stones, and they describe themselves as the first generation of musicians influenced by MTV — in terms of both music and performance.

Their lineup featured Shai Lahav of Tiberias (vocals and keys), Oren Barzilai of Holon (vocals and guitar), Tzvika Cohen of Moshav Lachish (drums), and Itzik Reisenberg of Ramat HaSharon (bassist), who was later replaced by Shy Nobleman.

The band began when Shay Lahav received an offer to perform in a small pub in Tel Aviv called "HaAliya HaShnia". He teamed up with guitarist Oren Barzilay, then 16 years old, and together they wrote 7 songs in 10 days for their cabaret-style performance. With bass, drums, and keyboard programmed by Shay on his computer, the band won a small group of loyal fans and was noticed by their current manager, Dudi Levi, who saw their potential. He insisted on signing on a bassist, Itzik Reisenberg, and after several false starts, Tzvika Cohen joined as a drummer. Their popularity grew mainly due to their wild performances which included flannel shirts, black lines under the eyes, costumes, and Barzilay stripping down to underwear with a rabbit sewed on it, along with general chaos on stage.

In the summer of 1993 the band's first album, titled Mofa Ha'Arnavot Shel Dr. Kasper was released, mostly containing songs from their performance, including a rock rendition of an old, classic IDF entertainment troupe song. It was an immediate success. They toured all over Israel, played over 200 performances, and were pursued by hundreds of fans. By the end of the summer, the band was exhausted and decided to take a break, going on a month-long trip to New York City and California.

In 1994 their second album, titled Mofa Ha'arnavot Shel Dr. Kasper - 2, was released. It was different from its predecessor, being slower, heavier, and psychedelic, a result of the members' bemused state of mind following their big success. The album describes what goes on in the mind of a girl named Sheila while experiencing a trip, and the different mental stages she goes through. It was a commercial failure and was soon taken off the shelf.

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