Mister Gay Chile

Mister Gay Chile is the national integral beauty title for Chilean gay men. The choice of candidates is based not only on physical attributes. Communication skills are measured from applicants, their form of expression and, above all, the level of commitment of each participant with causes and values of the gay community. The last Grand Finales of this competition was in January 2017.

The greatest success of Chile in International Mr. Gay contest was in February 2011, when Pablo Salvador Sepúlveda, Mr. Gay Chile 2009–10, won the title of International Mr Gay Competition. The current Mr. Gay Chile titleholder is René Rivera from O´Higgins. The greatest success of Chile in Mr Gay World was on May 2017, when Juan Pedro Pavez Bohle won the sashes of Mr. Sport Challenge and Mr. Fashion Show and ranked Chile to the top 10 of the contest for the first time.

The purpose of Mister Gay Chile titleholders is to project a positive image of gay people. The 2018 winner will be chosen by popular vote of the followers of contest and the vote of a jury panel. In case of a tie the competition organizers can appeal to the audience vote in the grand finale.

In the first and second competition, the selection of candidates was conducted by the advertising agency Tsunami after a personal interview. The Mr. Gay Chile competition was created by Gay Phone, the most visited phone chat of the country, as part of its social responsibility policy, and has the backing of MOVILH, the leading advocacy organization for the GLBT community. Titleholders have represented Chile in international competitions: Mr. Gay International and Mr Gay World.

The choice of Mr. Gay Chile has changed in each issue. In the first edition, candidates faced a panel of judges headed by politician Marco Enríquez-Ominami in the grand finale at the Radisson Hotel Ciudad Empresarial.

On November 2008, the first event was held in the Radisson Hotel of Ciudad Empresarial. The event began with the presentation of the 10 finalists, a total of 60 original applicants, and with sharp questions from the jury. The jury was composed of Marco Enríquez-Ominami, Oliver Leleux (owner of Gay Fone), the president of MOVILH, Rolando Jiménez, Latin America correspondent for Rolling Stone magazine, Morten Andersen, the representative of Amnesty International, Patricio Quevedo, the president of Chile Gay Sports, Ricardo León and the presidente of the Social Action Center for Diversity, Ricardo Santos.

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