Mischief Night (2006 film)

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Mischief Night is a 2006 British comedy-drama film. It is the third installment of the Tina Trilogy following on from Tina Goes Shopping (1999) and Tina Takes a Break (2001). However, unlike the previous two Channel 4 films Mischief Night broadens its scope to consider the wider community that Tina lives in and address issues of racial segregation. Tina is played by Kelli Hollis in all three films.

The film is set on a deprived Leeds estate where Asian and white residents have segregated. Tensions between the two communities come to a head on the unruly Mischief Night. The film shows several people's involvement in this.

The film was set made around several different areas of Leeds, however primarily the 'Asian' area of Leeds was filmed around Beeston while the 'White' area was mainly filmed around Hunslet and Tingley. Scenes were also filmed in Belle Isle and Middleton. One scene where tram pylons were required had to be filmed in Sheffield.

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