Miracle of the White Stallions

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Miracle of the White Stallions is a 1963 film released by Walt Disney starring Robert Taylor (playing Alois Podhajsky), Lilli Palmer, and Eddie Albert. It is the story of the evacuation of the Lipizzaner horses from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna during World War II. Major parts of the movie were shot in the Hermesvilla in Vienna. The music for the soundtrack was based on the first movement of Franz Schubert's Marche Militaire no 1, D733.

In World War II Austria, Col. Alois Podhajsky sets out to protect his beloved Lipizzaner stallions - purebred snow-white horses with centuries of tradition - from starving refugees and from the advancing Soviet Army who might view them as a source of meat, and ensure that they are surrendered into safekeeping. It is known that U.S. General George S. Patton is something of a horse fancier and might help, if he sees the stallions perform.[2] The ending is happy; see the Lipizzaner main article for the historical details.

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