List of minor Blandings characters

The following is an incomplete list of the fictional characters featured in the Blandings Castle stories of P. G. Wodehouse.

One of Lord Emsworth's many sisters, Lady Alcester is very fond of dogs (at one point she owns four Pekes (one of which is called Susan), two Pomeranians, a Yorkshire Terrier, five Sealyhams, a Borzoi and an Airedale), making her an ideal customer for her nephew Freddie Threepwood when he comes to England to promote his father-in-law Mr Donaldson's dog biscuits; much to Freddie's disgust, she feeds her many dogs on "Peterson's Pup-food".

The mother of Gertrude, in "Company for Gertrude" Lady Georgiana disapproves of her daughter's liaison with "Beefy" Bingham, until she learns of his prospects, and is even more against the crooning tenor Orlo Watkins in "The Go-getter".

Lady Georgiana's daughter, a beautiful girl who is nevertheless miserable company for her uncle Lord Emsworth when, in "Company for Gertrude", she is imprisoned at the castle to keep her away from her beloved, "Beefy" Bingham. Later, in "The Go-getter", she becomes infatuated with Orlo Watkins, the tenor, until she sees his weak, dog-fearing side.

A nephew of Lord Emsworth, of undisclosed parentage, Allsop is a struggling musician, a pianist, who visits Blandings in Galahad at Blandings. The prospect of taking employment at the Girls' School run by Dame Daphne Winkworth worries him considerably, as does the idea of proposing to the Amazonian Monica Simmons; his friend Tipton Plimsoll's advice that he steel himself with drink almost leads to his undoing, when nasty Huxley Winkworth spots him swigging from a flask, but he hides the evidence in the Empress' feeding-trough, leading the prize pig to get herself a skinful. Helping his aunt Lady Hermione Wedge with a spot of burgling loses him his job, but his uncle Gally gets him a post at a music publishing company owned by Plimsoll, allowing him to elope with his beloved.

Lord Emsworth's niece, a pretty girl with fair hair and blue eyes. On the death of her mother Jane, sister of Lord Emsworth and Connie, Angela's money was put in trust until she reached twenty-five, the trustee being Emsworth himself. As a child, Beach was very fond of her, and often amused her with his hippopotamus impersonation.

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