Ministry of Transport (Austria)

Österreichischer Bundesadler
In Austrian politics, the Ministry of Transport (German: Verkehrsministerium) in the ministry in charge of railways, transport policy, and the postal system.

The current Minister of Transport is Norbert Hofer.

First established in 1896, its exact name and portfolio have undergone changes numerous times throughout the years. As of 2018, the ministry is officially called the Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie or BMVIT) and is tasked, in addition to its core regulatory and infrastructure responsibilities, with the promotion of scientific research and technological progress. The ministry regulates motor vehicles, railways, waterways, aviation safety, air traffic control, air weather services, public transport, the postal system, and the telecommunications sector. It maintains the autobahns and other national highways. The Ministry also owns and supervises the via donau, a corporation charged with the maintenance of the Danube as a commercial shipping route and wildlife reserve.

The Ministry was first established as the Cisleithanian Ministry of Railways in 1896; previously, railways had been the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce (Handelsministerium). In 1923, the Ministry of Railways was merged back into the Ministry of Commerce.

In its current form and under its modern common name, the Ministry of Transport appeared in 1945. Its areas of responsibility were railways, the postal system, shipping, and public transport. In 1950, it gained responsibility for aviation affairs. In 1973, it was put in charge of a number of additional areas, including but not limited to motor vehicles, traffic police matters, and mineral oil pipelines. On and off, the Ministry also supervised Austria's nationalized heavy industry, exercising direct control over some of the country's largest employers and a sizable percentage of the nation's GDP. From 1950 to 1973 it also controlled the electricity sector.

The Ministry was merged with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1996. When it was reestablished yet again in 2000, it had acquired responsibility for national road construction and maintenance.

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