Millie Brown (performance artist)

Millie Brown is a British performance artist. She was born in 1986 in London, United Kingdom. Brown is best known as Lady Gaga’s “vomit artist”. She is also a founding member of the !WOWOW! Collective of London. She began her career at age 17 on a Berlin stage where she vomited onto a canvas after drinking glasses of dyed milk, a performance that lasted for two hours. In an interview with The Guardian, she states, “I wanted to use my body to create art. I wanted to come from within, to create something beautiful that was raw and uncontrollable.” She now works and resides in Los Angeles, California.

Millie Brown has performed variations of her vomit painting, as well as other forms of performance art.

Her solo exhibition, Rainbow Body, Brown conveyed the aesthetic of the Los Angeles Sky through vomiting pastel dyed almond milk on to canvases. Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist theology, she created the exhibition based on three elements of “ground, presence, and energy”.

At the Gazelli Art House in London,Brown displayed her body in a gallery window, suspended by rope from the ceiling for her piece Rainbow Body Performance. Crystal prisms dangled from her suspended body creating rainbow reflections around the gallery space.

In 2014, Brown suspended herself from giant helium balloons for four hours at the entrance of the Miami Beach Resort and Spa for her exhibition Suspended by Optimism. The exhibition opened for Nicole Ehrlich’s second annual gala honoring women in art.

Brown’s exhibition, The Wilting Point took place at the Refinery Hotel of New York in a rotating gallery called “Hatbox”. She laid down in meditation surrounded by freshly cut flowers for seven days with no food, surviving off of only water, as the flowers wilted and decayed around her. The performance was on a 24-hour global live feed on the V Magazine website.

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