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The Principality of Monaco, which is the world's second-smallest state (after the Vatican City State), has a very limited military capability, and would depend entirely upon its larger neighbour, France, for defence in the face of an aggressive world power.[1][2] Altogether there are 255 soldiers serving in Monaco's military (not including civilian employees who currently[when?] number 35 total), making its military the third-smallest in the world (after Antigua and Barbuda and Iceland).[3][4]

The minister of the department of the interior is appointed by the Prince of Monaco for one 5-year term, and is mainly responsible for both policing and military activity within Monaco.[5]

Ministers of department of the interior (conseiller de gouvernement pour l’Intérieur):

Some military roles are assigned to the civil police, such as border patrol and border defence, which are the responsibility of a special police unit officially named the "Maritime and Heliport Police Division," and which operates on land and sea using patrol boats and high-speed surveillance boats.[6] Patrol boats, which currently[when?] number four (see below), are also operated by both the Corps des Sapeurs-Pompiers (firefighters) and the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince (police).

Two full-time militarized armed forces exist under the control of the Department of the Interior. One is the Corps des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Monaco, and the other is the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince. Both units are key to the "ORMOS Red Plan" which makes provision for the evacuation of Monaco in case of natural disaster or civil emergency.

Describing itself as a military force,[7] the Corps consists of 10 officers, 26 non-commissioned officers and 99 other ranks, for a total force of 135 military personnel (there are also 25 civilian employees) providing fire, hazardous materials, rescue, and emergency medical services.[8] The officers' ranks (in descending order of seniority) are: colonel, lieutenant colonel, commandant, captain, lieutenant, and sub-lieutenant. There are a further nine ranks of non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. Officers generally have served in the French military's fire service. Based at two barracks (one in La Condamine and one in Fontvieille), the Corps is equipped with fire engines, rescue vehicles and a range of specialist vehicles, including a fire boat and sealed tracked vehicles for entering Monaco's railway tunnels during an emergency.

Beyond fire-fighting duties, the Corps has an extensive civil defence brief. Its personnel are trained in the use of firearms, and the Corps has a central armoury; personnel are also trained to handle chemical incidents, and have specialist chemical incident vehicles and equipment. They are also equipped with ambulances and personnel have paramedic training.

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