Mike Flynn (Sea Patrol)

Captain Michael "Mike" Flynn, CSC, RAN, is a fictional TV character on the show Sea Patrol, and is portrayed by Ian Stenlake. In the first episode of 'Sea Patrol' season 4 Mike is promoted to Commander and in season 5 is promoted to Captain and is transferred to NAVCOM.

Mike, also known as "CO" or "Sir" or "Boss", is the Commanding Officer of the patrol boat HMAS Hammersley. He is forty-years-old and joined the Royal Australian Navy when he was seventeen and has worked his way up through the ranks over the years.

He exudes a vigorous physicality combined with an air of quiet confidence, leavened by a laconic sense of humour. He is a man who by turns can be a laidback larrikin or dangerous when crossed. He has a drive to win at all costs and this can lead him into conflict with his colleagues and superiors when in pursuit of boats illegally intruding on Australian waters. As a result of this, he's gained a reputation as a 'cowboy'.

Mike was posted to the Fremantle class HMAS Hammersley as a young sailor, and as other promotions and transfers came and went, he never imagined he would set foot on the old girl again. But he did, for the girl's last journeys as the commanding officer, before being decommissioned after twenty-five years of honourable service.

Now in the aftermath of the decommissioning, he is to command once again on the new Armidale class Patrol Boat HMAS Hammersley, with the majority of his crew joining him once again.

He "joined at seventeen and rose up through the ranks". When he was thirty-three, he had a brief but passionate affair with a young lieutenant by the name of Kate McGregor. It wasn't right, and after its brief passion, they parted, never expecting to see each other again.

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