Michel de Klerk

Michel de Klerk (24 November 1884, Amsterdam – 24 November 1923, Amsterdam) was a Dutch architect. Born to a Jewish family, he was one of the founding architects of the movement Amsterdam School (Expressionist architecture). Early in his career he worked for other architects, including Eduard Cuypers. For a while, he also employed the Indonesian-born Liem Bwan Tjie, who would later become his country's pioneering proponent of the Amsterdam School and modern architecture. Of his many outstanding designs, very few have actually been built. One of his finest completed buildings is 'Het Schip' (The Ship) in the Amsterdam district of Spaarndammerbuurt.

Eigen Haard (Own Hearth), working-class Socialist housing, consisting of three groups of buildings:

Air view, Eigen Haard (left)

Situation plan: (3) (1) (2)

(1) Spaarndammer- plantsoen, North side

Original state, 1915

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