Michaelkerk with windmill on the left
Mensingeweer is located in Groningen (province)
Mensingeweer is a small village in the Netherlands; it is located in the municipality of De Marne, Groningen. It lies on the provincial road N361 from Winsum to Leens at the crossroads to Eenrum. The long-distance footpath called Pieterpad runs through the town and the Michaelkerk has an old Arp Schnitger organ that came from a church in Pieterburen and was installed in 1901.[1][2]The town also has an old windmill call the Hollands Welvaart built in 1855.

A Mennonite church was built at Mensingeweer, dedicated on 4 April 1819.[3] It was served by a series of freshly-appointed young ministers from the Amsterdam seminary, but in the 20th century it was increasingly difficult to find ministers willing to serve there and it was demolished in 1959 in favor of a new church in Eenrum.

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