Manitou River (Manitoulin Island)

The Manitou River is a river in Ontario, Canada. It is approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) in length.

It starts at the south end of Lake Manitou at a dam in Sandfield in the Township of Central Manitoulin and ends at Michael's Bay on Lake Huron at the south end of Manitoulin Island.

The Blue Jay Creek and Manitou River Enhancement Strategy was completed in June 2001 and approved in December 2003 by the Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association. The organization has rehabilitated 17 major sites along the river which has improved water quality and the fisheries in the region.

Coordinates: 45°35′59″N 82°06′12″W / 45.5997°N 82.1033°W / 45.5997; -82.1033

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