Maharashtrian Konkani

Maharashtrian Konkani more commonly spelt as Maharashtrian Kokani is a group of dialects spoken in the Konkan region. It is often mistakenly extended to cover Goan Konkani, which is part of a distinct language, because speakers of both refer to their language as simply "Konkani". George Abraham Grierson refers to this dialect as the Konkan Standard of Marathi in order to differentiate it from the Konkani language. The dialects which make up Maharashtrian Konkani are Parabhi, Koli, Kiristanv, Kunbi, Agri, Dhangari, Thakri, Karadhi, Sangameshwari, Bankoti and Maoli. These varieties form a gradual continuum between standard Marathi and Goan Konkani, but are considered by some linguists to be a dialect of Marathi.

Malvani language

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