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Japanese singer Ringo Sheena has been a member of many bands in the course of her career. Most of those listed were during the 1990s and early 2000s and have two-word names, the first being in kanji and the second in katakana. This naming convention is also present in her studio albums Muzai Moratorium (1999), Shōso Strip (2000) and later in 2009, Sanmon Gossip, as well as the songs "Rinne Highlight" (輪廻ハイライト) (1999), "Marunouchi Sadistic" (丸の内サディスティック) (1999), her unpublished song "Nyūtō Destroyer" (乳頭デストロイヤー) (1999),[1] "Benkai Debussy" (弁解ドビュッシー) (2000) and "Byōshō Public" (病床パブリック) (2000).

37564 (Mi Na Go Ro Shi, "Massacre") was a session band formed to perform the song "Nippon" (2014). In its initial line-up, it featured three guitarists: Sheena, session musician Yukio Nagoshi and Shinichi Ubukata of the bands Ellegarden and Nothing's Carved in Stone. In addition, the band featured Noriyasu "Kāsuke" Kawamura on drums, Hiroshi Watanabe on bass and Nobuhiko Nakayama programming the track.[2] 37564 was reformed to record Hi Izuru Tokoro (2014), with Nagoshi, as well as two members of the band 100s, Hiroo Yamaguchi and Tom Tamada.[3]

893 (Hachi Kyū San, "Yakuza") is a band Sheena formed to perform her Chotto Shita Reco Hatsu mini-tour in 2014, and also to record the song "Sakasa ni Kazoete" from her "Nippon" (2014) single. It featured Midorin from Soil & "Pimp" Sessions on drums, Keisuke Torigoe on contrabass, Yoshiaki Sato on accordion, Masaki Hayashi on piano and Ringo Sheena on vocals and guitars.[2][4][5] All of the members had performed at Sheena's Tōtaikai: Heisei Nijūgo-nendo Kamiyama-chō Taikai concert in 2013.[6] Sato also arranged the song "Saisakizaka" for Sheena's album Gyakuyunyū: Kōwankyoku, released at the time of the concerts.[7]

Ano Yo no Orchestra (アノヨノオーケストラ, Ano Yo no Ōkesutora, "The Other World Orchestra") was a collaboration between Ringo Sheena and Neko Saito for her soundtrack album Heisei Fūzoku (2007), which performed the song "Sakuran (Terra Ver.)."[8]

Bakeneko Killer (化猫キラー, Bakeneko Kirā, "Goblin Cat Killer") was a name Sheena gave to the production duo consisting of herself and Uni Inoue (井上雨迩). The pair worked together on the album Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana (2003).[9] Bakeneko Killer was reunited in 2009 to work on Sheena's studio album Sanmon Gossip.

Bōtoku Vitamin (冒涜ヴァイタミン, Bōtoku Vaitamin, "Blasphemy Vitamin") was a session band formed to perform the Mori Pact disc of Utaite Myōri: Sono Ichi (2002). It was led by Toshiyuki Mori (森俊之), who sequenced and arranged songs, played keyboard, the electric guitar and the bass synthesizer. Other members included Hitoshi Watanabe (渡辺等) (wood bass, electric bass), Takashi Numazawa (沼澤尚) (drums, tambourine) and occasionally support from Uni Inoue.[10]

Gyakutai Glykogen (虐待グリコゲン, Gyakutai Gurikogen, "Abuse Glycogen") was a band formed to perform Sheena's Gekokujyo Xstasy tour that was performed from April to June in 2000. The band featured Ringo Sheena on vocals and electric bass, Seiji Kameda on electric bass, Junji Yayoshi (弥吉淳二) on electric guitar, Makoto Minagawa (皆川真人) on synthesizer and keyboard and Masayuki Muraishi (村石雅行) on drums.[11][12]

The band's recordings have been released several times in Sheena's discography. They were the first band on Sheena's 3-CD box set Ze-Chyou Syuu, released in September 2000, which featured the band performing the songs "Yattsuke Shigoto," "Gamble" and "Onaji Yoru." Footage of the Gekokujyo Xstasy tour was later released on DVD and VHS on December 7, 2000. The band were the session musicians for the Kame Pact disc of Utaite Myōri: Sono Ichi (2002).[10] The band also performed the Zazen Extasy live concert, which was recorded in 2000 but released in 2008.

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