Liga 3 (Indonesia)

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Liga 3 is the lowest tier in Indonesian football league system. Liga 3 also the only amateur league in Indonesia. Formed as Liga Nusantara in 2014, this league occupies the third tier and consisted of 2 rounds: provincial qualification—held in every provinces in Indonesia, and national round, competed by provincial qualifiers (number varies between provinces).

In 2017 Liga Nusantara was renamed to Liga 3, along with Indonesian Super League and Indonesian Premier Division which were renamed to Liga 1 and Liga 2, respectively.. Liga 3 2018 will be compete by 40 relegated teams from 2017 Liga 2 plus the winners of Provincial Round

The competition was established after Liga Indonesia Second Division and Liga Indonesia Third Division merged in 2014. Starting in 2015, the Liga Indonesia First Division was also merged with Liga Nusantara making it the third-tier level in Indonesian football system.

Persatu Tuban is the first champion in the competition's history.

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