Lectionary 319

Lectionary 319 (Gregory-Aland), designated by siglum 319 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering) is a Greek manuscript of the New Testament, on parchment. Palaeographically it has been assigned to the 12th century. The manuscript has not survived in complete condition.

The original codex contained lessons from the Gospel of John, Matthew, and Luke (Evangelistarium), on 360 fragment parchment leaves. The leaves are measured (31.3 cm by 25.8 cm). Several leaves at the end were lost.

The text is written in Greek minuscule letters, in two columns per page, 20 lines per page. It has musical notes and pictures. It contains decorated headpieces and initial letters.

The codex contains weekday Gospel lessons.

Scrivener dated the manuscript to the 13th century, Gregory dated it to the 12th or 13th century. It is presently assigned by the INTF to the 12th century.

It was purchased from Messrs Boone, on 12 April 1856.

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