Lallemand Fjord

The Lallemand Fjord (67°06′S 66°42′W / 67.100°S 66.700°W / -67.100; -66.700Coordinates: 67°06′S 66°42′W / 67.100°S 66.700°W / -67.100; -66.700) is a fjord located east of Arrowsmith Peninsula and west of Pernik Peninsula on Loubet Coast on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica. It begins at Sharp Glacier and runs over 48 km roughly south to north, flowing into Crystal Sound near Detaille Island, and entered between Roux Island and Holdfast Point.[1] The fjord was named by Jean-Baptiste Charcot after the French geographer Charles Lallemand.[2]

Haefeli Glacier, Finsterwalder Glacier, Sharp Glacier, Sölch Glacier, Wilkinson Glacier, Koriten Glacier, Dabrava Glacier, Bruckner Glacier and Antevs Glacier feed the fjord.

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