L'Isola dei Famosi

L'Isola dei Famosi (pronounced ), Italian for The Celebrity Island or The Island of the Famous, is an Italian reality show.

L'Isola dei Famosi is an Italian reality show first aired on Rai Due in 2003-2012,[1] before moving to Canale 5 in 2015. The first eight seasons of the show, held between 2003 and 2012, were hosted by Simona Ventura. After her departure[2] to Sky Italia, the show underwent a change in format. Starting in the IX season (winter 2012), the show had two new hosts, Nicola Savino in the studio and Vladimir Luxuria on the island. In 2015, both were replaced: Alessia Marcuzzi is now in the studio, while Alberto 'Alvin' Bonato is the host on the island. Alvin was replaced in 2017[3] by Stefano Bettarini. Bettarini was replaced in 2018 by Stefano De Martino: during the XIII season (winter 2018) De Martino was involved in a heavy controversy.[4]

The format is the Italian version of the programme Celebrity Survivor, created by Charlie Parsons. In February 2001, a show with a similar format, called Survivor, aired on Italia 1, hosted by Benedetta Corbi; On The Island of the Famous a group of celebrity competitors, and beginning with the fifth season a non-celebrity competitor, must survive on a desert island with no facilities. Competitors must survive by building shelter, procuring food and water, and finding ways to maintain warmth. Candidates have a basic survival kit which, through group efforts, can be enhanced with new objects. Once a week there is a challenge winner, determined through contests of skill, balance, strength, or other factors. The competitor who wins the week’s challenge becomes immune from the elimination in the next episode: a live "nomination" takes place weekly, in which competitors are gradually eliminated. The last remaining contenders compete for the final prize during the season finale.

The first three seasons took place in the Dominican Republic on the Samaná Peninsula. From the fourth to sixth season the show moved to Cayos Cochinos, Honduras. Due to the coup in Honduras, however, the seventh season of the show was held in the Corn Islands, Nicaragua only to return to Honduras for the eighth season.

The first nine seasons of the reality were aired by Rai 2. Thanks to the broadcast change and a three-year hiatus, the show has gained more viewership and popularity.

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