Kosovo je Srbija

"Kosovo je Srbija" (Serbian Cyrillic: Косово је Србија; English: Kosovo is Serbia) is a slogan used in Serbia since at least 2004, popularised as a reaction to Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008. The slogan has been used by a series of protests, and by the Serbian Government. The slogan has appeared on T-shirts and in graffiti and was placed on the websites of Kosovan institutions by hackers in 2009. The slogan is used by Serbians, Russians and Greeks across the world.

Solidarity - Kosovo is Serbia (Serbian: Солидарност - Косово је Србија) is a media campaign in Serbia launched by Petar Petković in the final months of the negotiations over Kosovo and organised with the participation of 25 notable Serbian public figures, among them: Bata Živojinović, Svetlana Bojković, Dragan Bjelogrlić, Sergej Trifunović, Dragan Jovanović, Bora Đorđević, Đorđe David, Miki Jevremović, Slađana Milošević, Merima Njegomir and Emir Kusturica.



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