Korea Aerospace University

Korea Aerospace University (한국항공대학교 (韓國航空大學校) ) is a private university in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Established in 1952 as a national university, it was taken over by Jungseok Foundation established by Hanjin Group and transferred to a private university. The university — which encompasses most of the aerospace fields including Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, Air Transportation and Logistics, Aeronautical Science & Flight Operation, and Air and Space Law — has been designated to take several national undertakings and collaborative research projects with prominent global corporations including GE, Airbus, PLANSEE since 2009.

Major research results have been observed in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), since the first autonomous formation flight of UAV and the first flight of solar powered UAV for 12 consecutive hours in Korea. ‘The 1st Hannuri’, the micro satellite (CubeSat), was developed and launched for the first time among Korean universities in 2006.

Korea Aerospace University was established as a national school in June 16, 1952, when the Korean War was raged, under the Charter for Transport School which was granted by the Ministry of Transportation (which is now Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs) to develop a civil aviation industry. Although the university primarily started as a two-year course school solely with three departments — Department of Flight Operation, Department of Aircraft Power, Department of Telecommunication Engineering — its status had been elevated by 1953.

After the War, the campus moved to Seoul in 1962, then to Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do in 1963, where it is today. School buildings were built (the Hangar, the Flight Training Center, and the Electronics & Telecommunication Building) and several institutes (the Central Library, the Maintenance Factory, the Wireless Lab, the Aviation Research Institute, the Training School for Aviation Tech) were opened.

In 1979, the university was taken over by Jungseok Foundation, established by Hanjin Group, and it was transferred to a private university. Ever since the transformation, the university started to strengthen its inner and outer sides.

Through the modifications on quota and name, establishment of schools, departments, and graduate schools were finalized. Auxiliary organizations and institutes were reorganized (see “Centers and institutes”) to vitalize its inner strength.

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