Killarney Heights High School

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Killarney Heights High School is a coeducational, comprehensive high school located on Starkey Street, Killarney Heights near the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The school is situated in a bushland setting within 20 minutes drive of the Sydney central business district.

The school has a tradition of high academic achievement, catering for individual student needs and providing a broad co-curricular program.

The motto is thought to have come from an abbreviated quote from the writings of a late Old English abbot and Aelfric of Eynsham “a prolific writer of religious literature, including translations from the Bible, saints’ lives and homilies. It reads as follows: Ic afandie manna heotan: & heora lendena. & aelcum sylle aefter his faerelde.& aefter his agenre afundennysse. This means:’to each I will give according to his {life} journey and according to his own invention ”.

The school motto "sylle aefter faerelde" was translated as "To each according to his/her conduct" (translated as his/her due to the school being coeducational). The three words on their own can also be interpreted as “sylle” – foundation, “aefter” – after, “faerelde”- journey.

Coordinates: 33°46′18″S 151°12′55″E / 33.77167°S 151.21528°E / -33.77167; 151.21528

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