Karp Khachvankyan

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Karp "Karapet" Mkrtchi Khachvankyan (Armenian: Կարպ Խաչվանքյան; January 23, 1923, Akhaltskha – November 23, 1998, Yerevan) was an Armenian actor and director, People's Artist of Armenia (1967). He was known as the "King of laughter".

From 1941 to 1944 he studied at Actor's school of Tbilisi film studio. Since 1944 he was an actor of Paronyan Musical Comedy Theatre of Yerevan where he worked until his death. He played more than 100 roles.

From 1984 to 1988 Khachvankyan was also the artistic director of the theatre and directed 13 plays.

He was best known for his comic roles (Knyaz in "Taxi, Taxi", Thodoros in "Liar Wanted", Skapen in "Skapen’s Pranks").

His directing included Man of La Mancha (where he played Cervantes and Don Quixote), Silva of Emmerich Kalman, Love under the Stars of A. Ayvazyan.

Khachvankyan also played in films (Road to the Stage, 1963; Patvi hamar, 1956; The Girl from Ararat Valley, 1950).

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