Karaman Province

Location of Karaman Province in Turkey
Karaman Province (Turkish: Karaman ili) is a province of central Turkey. It has an area of 9,163 km². It has a population of 232,633 (2010 est). According to the 2000 census the population was 243,210. Population density is 27.54 people/km². The traffic code is 70. The capital is the city of Karaman. Karaman was the location of the Karamanid emirate, which came to an end in 1486.

Karaman province is divided into 6 districts (capital district in bold):

Görmeli, a village in Ermenek district

Akpınar village in Ayrancı district

View of Ala Bridge near Ermenek

Coordinates: 37°01′23″N 33°05′39″E / 37.02306°N 33.09417°E / 37.02306; 33.09417

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