Kamures Kadın

Kamures Kadın (5 March 1855 – 30 April 1921,[1] other names Gamres, Kamres, Kamus, Qamures[2]) (Kamres meaning "bringer of pleasure"[3]) was the first wife of 35th Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V,[4][5] and the mother of Şehzade Mehmed Ziyaeddin of the Ottoman Empire.

Kamures Kadın was born in 1855 to an Ubykh Bey.[2] At a very young age she was given in service to the palace. However, soon Mehmed took notice of her and they married on 30 September 1872 in the Ortaköy Palace.[2] A year after the marriage she gave birth to, Sehzade Mehmed Ziyaeddin and then in 1876 to Şehzade Mehmed Necmeddin Efendi.[6] In 1918 she accepted the presence of king Boris III of Bulgaria when he came to Istanbul and Empress Austria Zita in the harem.[2] She was the grand mother of Safiye Ünüvar's prospective pupils, who was a teacher in the Palace school[3] Safiye Ünüvar penned in her memoir about Kamures:

...One must not pay a first call in the evening, and so it was on Friday afternoon that I put on my dress with long flounces. Having obtained permission beforehand to pay a call, I passed in company with my kalfa through the lovely gardens of the palace, laid out as they were with orderly rows of flowers, and entered the apartments of the Baș Kadın Efendi , as the monarch's highest- ranking consort is called. Kamures Kadın Efendi was the mother of Sultan's eldest son Şehzade Mehmed Ziyaeddin Efendi.[3]

She was the president of Hilal-i Ahmer society for ladies for sometime.[2] After Sultan Mehmed’s death in 1918 she remained in the palace for sometime then moved to the palace of her son, Şehzade Mehmed Necmeddin Efendi where she lived there until her death on 30 April 1921.[2] She was buried in Eyüp Cemetery along with her husband, Sultan Mehmed V.[2][3]

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