Jonh Ingham

Jonh Ingham is a music journalist. He worked for the UK music paper Sounds, and wrote the first interview with the Sex Pistols in April 1976.

Ingham was born in Australia to English parents and grew up in Australia, Canada, and the USA. As a student at CalArts in Los Angeles he took a course from Village Voice music critic Robert Christgau, who taught him to be a music critic and helped him get his first bylines. While still at college his work appeared in Rolling Stone, Creem, and other contemporary magazines. With Greg Shaw he was instrumental in launching the influential music fanzine Who Put The Bomp.

Moving to London, UK, in 1972 to attend film school, he was a freelance writer for the NME and other British music magazines before joining Sounds. As a staff writer from 1975 to 1977 he wrote high-profile interviews with major rock artists such as the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Page, Roxy Music and Queen, and was one of the first journalists to champion the punk music movement. As well as doing the first interview with the Sex Pistols he wrote the first reviews of the Damned and the Clash.

In 1977, he left journalism to become co-manager of the punk band Generation X. In December of that year he moved to Los Angeles to work in the film industry, returning to music in 1980 as seminal manager of the Go-Go's. Under his tutelage the group became a leading LA attraction before signing to IRS Records.

Ingham started the Fake Club in 1982, the first of LA’s many “temporary” nightclubs that dominated the ‘80s, before moving to Tokyo in 1985 to work in advertising. In London in 1996 he joined CompuServe as Head of Content, starting his current career in online content. In 2000, as Head of Content at music startup Worldpop, he created Europe’s first content service for mobile phones. He is now a founder of online talent show 1Click2Fame.

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