Jiefang Daily

Jiefang Daily (Chinese: 解放日报; pinyin: Jiěfàng Rìbào), also translated as Liberation Daily, is the official daily newspaper of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China. Its daily circulation is about 700,000 copies.

Jiefang Daily was first published on May 28, 1949 in Shanghai. From 1941 to 1947, a newspaper with the same name was published in Yan'an, which published the famous editorial Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China on August 25, 1943.

Published by the Shanghai Municipal Government, Jiefang Daily is a general newspaper covering East China. The paper reports domestic and international news. And its primary readership covers decision makers and business executives in governmental agencies and local enterprises.

Jiefang Daily is the Party newspaper for the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC). After Shanghai was taken over by the People's Liberation Army from the Kuomintang government, the newspaper started publication on May 28, 1949 by continuing to use the name of the central government's former Party newspaper Jiefang Daily published in the communist base Yan'an in northern Shaanxi Province.

The newspaper has been published in folio size since 1988. The daily circulation was more than 800,000 as of 1988. It has readers in Shanghai's townships and countryside and many other places in China, and it has some overseas subscribers as well.

It offers news and features on Shanghai's economy, education, science & technology and social life, and domestic and international events. It reflects the views of the Chinese people, expounds on justice and lambastes various forms of malpractice.

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