Jianshui County

Chao Yang Lou, the old city gate of Jianshui, which now stands in the middle of town
Jianshui is located in Yunnan
Jianshui County (Chinese: 建水县; pinyin: Jiànshuǐ Xiàn; Hani: Jeifsyu) is a city in Honghe prefecture, Yunnan province, China. It was historic center of the province and remains an important transportation crossroad. Previously, it has been known as Lin'an (Chinese: 临安); today, the name Lin'an Town is retained by Jianshui's county seat.

To the east lies Jijie, to the west Shiping, to the southeast Gejiu and Yuanyang, to the north Tonghai.

Seventeen Span Bridge, which lies just outside the town of Jianshui

Street in central Jianshui

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