Javary River

The Javary River, Javari River or Yavarí River (Spanish: Río Yavarí; Portuguese: Rio Javari) is a 1,184 km (736 mi) tributary of the Amazon that forms the boundary between Brazil and Peru for more than 500 mi (800 km). It is navigable by canoe for 900 mi (1,400 km) from above its mouth to its source in the Ucayali highlands, but only 260 were found suitable for steam navigation. The Brazilian Boundary Commission ascended it in 1866 to the junction of the Shino with its Jaquirana branch. The country it traverses in its extremely sinuous course is very level, similar in character to that of the Juruá.

The river is one of the best places to observe Amazonian wildlife, including the Amazon river dolphin and tucuxi. There are a number of small private reserves along the river, which arrange wildlife viewing

The town of Benjamin Constant lies at the mouth of the river, on the Brazilian bank.

Coordinates: 7°06′51″S 73°48′04″W / 7.11422°S 73.8012°W / -7.11422; -73.8012

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