Jason Goldberg (entrepreneur)

Jason Goldberg is an American internet entrepreneur. He is currently the Director and CEO of Simple Token and CEO of Pepo. Prior to this, he served as the Cofounder and CEO of e-commerce sites Fab and Hem. He is from Rockville, Maryland.

Goldberg graduated from Emory University in 1993. In 2001, he received an MBA from Stanford Business School.

Goldberg left Emory University to work for the White House in the Cabinet Affairs office before pivoting to work for Erskine Bowles, President Clinton’s chief of staff. He then left politics for technology, developing digital strategies for AOL Time Warner and T-Mobile. In 2004, he founded Jobster, a job search engine that pivoted into a site to manage employee referrals. The site was a rival to LinkedIn. He sold the company in 2006.

Goldberg launched Socialmedian in 2008, a social news aggregator, which he later sold to XING.

In 2011, he launched Fabulis, a gay social network. Soon after, he pivoted the business to become a flash-sale furniture site and changed the name to Fab. Its focus was to aggregate designer products into one online marketplace.

In 2014, Goldberg launched Hem, a furniture manufacturing company that doubles as an e-commerce site.

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