Jamhuri High School

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Coordinates: 1°16′19″S 36°49′22″E / 1.271914°S 36.822866°E / -1.271914; 36.822866 Jamhuri High School, formerly known as Government Indian School and later The Duke of Gloucester School, is one of the oldest schools in Kenya. It was founded as a Railway Educational Centre in 1906. Prior to Kenya's independence from the British, the school, located at Ngara Nairobi, predominantly enrolled students from the Indian community in Nairobi, hence its former name Government Indian School. Jamhuri high school has been one of the oldest asian school and lately it has done lots of performance class of 2016: headed by John Ngatia did jamhuri High school name high+

In 1955, the school's name was changed to The Duke of Gloucester School, named after Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester. After Kenya's independence in 1964 the school was renamed Jamhuri High School. Jamhuri, the Swahili word for Republic, symbolized independence and Kenya's sovereignty as a Republic. Since then the school has had a diversified enrolment of students of African, Indian, and White heritage.

The school is popularly known as "Jamuu" and its nickname is "Dukes".

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