James Brown (editor)

James Brown (born 26 September 1965 in Leeds) is a British journalist, author, radio host and media entrepreneur. His debut book Above Head Height: A Five-a-Side Life, was published in 2017 by Quercus, and achieved positive reviews in the Guardian, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph. A renowned Leeds United diehard, Brown also co-hosts The Late Tackle on Talksport with comedy writer Andy Dawson, of Athletico Mince fame. In addition to his media profile, he is the owner of Sabotage Times – a music, football and culture website – and the Sabotage Agency, which has provided content for such brands as Scotts, Carling and Adidas.

In 1985 James Brown was a contributor to the alternative newspaper Leeds Other Paper. In 1986, following work on his fanzine Attack on Bzaag, Brown was hired as freelance features writer for Sounds; from there he soon joined the magazine NME. In 1991 Brown became the manager of Fabulous, a rock band composed of various NME journalists. After leaving NME, he wrote features for the Sunday Times magazine.

In 1994, Brown launched the magazine Loaded, which became an early example of the modern "lads' mag" format. Brown won the British Society of Magazine Editors' "Editors' Editor of the Year" award for his work on the title.

In a 1997 Independent interview, Brown expressed pride in his accomplishment in beginning Loaded, stating, "The facts are there. I started the most influential magazine in Britain in the last 10 years and made my last company millions and millions and millions of pounds after an outlay of virtually nothing, and I've got something like six or seven major publishing awards."

In 1997 Brown left Loaded for the British edition of GQ. He launched the Man of the Year Awards and hired the then-unknown chef Jamie Oliver to write the food column. Brown parted company with GQ in early 1999 over what were termed "philosophical differences", having featured Field Marshal Rommel (shown in a photograph sporting a swastika band on his uniform) on a list of "The Most Fashionable Men of the Century."

After leaving GQ, Brown launched his own company, I Feel Good, and subsequently acquired Viz, Fortean Times and Bizarre magazines from John Brown Publishing for £6.4m.

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